Bop T'il Ya Cop all started back in Huddersfield over 20years ago as a student night at the University of Huddersfield's Students Union - where it was not only THE biggest & best student night on offer but the one all other promoters came to to try & replecate what we did!

Our music policy, choice of Dj's & entertainers made us stand out from the rest & as a result we maintained a constant sell out night throughout the year. We dared & chose to be different in what we offered, performing outlandish games on stage & giving away prizes ranging from cheap 'champagne', t-shirts & the like to holidays on valentines events to two lucky strangers from the capacity crowd.

After the closure of our spiritual home at the University of Huddersfield's Students Union we relocated across the town to Bar/Club/Non where we continued our success story working alongside other units such as Varsity, Yates & the Students Union bar as feeders to our main event. Alas despite the sucess of our Thursday night the operators of the venue had to downsize the unit & we were left without a suitable unit to run our event from on a weekly basis.

Bop T'il Ya Cop at this point decided to run as a special event that we ran at different venues across the country to capacity crowds, as well as diversing into a standalone promotions company that offers many different services to attract customers to venues & organizing events for corporate/private individuals alike.

So if your venue needs a helping hand to get the customers back through your doors, or maybe establishing a new night - get in touch now! We can offer a wide & diverse range of entertainment/marketing/promotion to get you capacity crowds. If you are unsure as to what to do then one of our experienced staff can assist you, or if you would prefer we can 'take over' for you - leaving you to worry only with staffing your bar & serving the customers that we get through your doors.

We might be in a resession but people still want to go out & have a good time - by being different in our approach to entertainment & ensuring that people always remember coming to our events we succeed where others fail - we can't guarantee capacity crowds, but we find that with our unique blend of entertainment & experience we keep getting them...

So for the most memorable night you will ever have, get in touch with us now.


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Bop T'il Ya Cop is proud to announce that back on Wednesday the 23rd June we launched a brand new weekly club night at Walkabout Barnsley...

Come down for the best night of your life!!!


Launch Flyer - Front Launch Flyer - Back